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Curriculum at Tuckswood

At Tuckswood Primary Academy and Nursery, we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, as they progress through each year group.

The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum however it is bespoke to ensure that it includes other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning, contextual and developmental needs of all children in our school. Our curriculum is researched and designed by our subject leaders.  All children are taught this curriculum which prepares them for an effective secondary school and beyond. We believe that given the right education, every child can achieve exceptional things.


Discover the ways in which we teach and children learn throughout the school...

Curriculum Maps

Find out what the children are learning about this year and how you can support their learning

Early Years

In nursery and reception classes children follow the early year curriculum

Reception Class

Children start in Reception when they are 4 years old.


At Tuckswood we strive to instill a love of reading in all children.


At Tuckswood we believe that confident readers will become confident writers.


We recognise the importance of mathematics in daily life and seek to continue leading children  to mathematical literacy...

Curriculum Development

We offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced...

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The Tuckswood 50

We offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced...

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