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Children start in Reception when they are 4 years old. They attend school Monday and Friday, starting with a staggered start building to full time over the first half term.

In Reception children get immersed into the daily school routine and life. It’s where they enjoy playing together and making good relationships.

We value the importance of social, emotional and personal well being. We strive to ensure that all children feel safe, secure and happy at school and feel confident to explore, discover and be curious about learning within their environment. From day one we continue to develop previous friendships and build on new friendships. We work on sharing, negotiating, listening and sharing of ideas and knowledge. Whilst on the  carpet we use ‘Talking Partners’ where children work in pairs to communicate their thinking and opinions.

In Reception, we work hard to embed positive attitudes towards school and learning, in addition to setting the expectations for children’s behaviour, develop communication skills and build a sound understanding of key concepts such as reading, writing and numbers.

Our Curriculum carefully facilitates the ‘characteristics of effective learning’. These are the fundamental skills and attitudes required to help children become lifelong learners, focusing on not just what children need to learn but how they learn it. Children develop the ability to become independent and capable learners for life when we focus on the following skills and attitudes:

  • being willing to have a go and try something new

  • bouncing back after difficulties and persisting in the face of challenge

  • being encouraged and supported to have their own ideas

  • finding more than one way of doing something

  • being proud of how they achieve something, not just the achievement itself

  • making links and connections between their learning

We understand that starting Reception is a progressive step from Nursery and can often be a daunting process for your child and you as parents. We will support you through this with a transition period and the use of Tapestry allows daily access into the life of your child at school. We are committed to supporting you as parents and work alongside you to build a positive relationship between school and home.

Please click on the School Tour to discover our Reception Area.

I look forward to meeting you!
Mrs Riches and the Early Years Team


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