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Curriculum Day

Pride Week

At Tuckswood Academy, we were proud to participate in Norwich Pride Schools Week on Monday 5th July - Friday 9th July 2021. We felt this was a perfect opportunity to learn about and celebrate the LGBT+ community, express the importance of accepting everyone for who they are and to give out a clear message that homophobia and transphobia of any kind will not be tolerated. This year's theme was ‘Respect’ and as a school we decided to have an additional theme of ‘Express Yourself’. On Wednesday, all children were encouraged to attend school in non-school uniform in clothes they believed expressed their individuality. We also took part in an Art day on Wednesday, where all children completed a brilliant piece of work around their given theme.

In Early Years and Key Stage 1 they focussed on showing respect to all family types with an overarching theme of ‘I Love my Family’. They learnt about the different types of families and on Art day, created a piece of art that displayed their family and what is special about them. EYFS created art using a collaborative collage, Year 1 created brilliant drawings and Year 2 used paint to create their art.

In Key Stage 2 the overarching theme was ‘Show Some Respect’ and based their artwork on a Norwich based artist; David Shenton. In Year 3, they used the medium of collage to create beautiful rainbows. Year 4 created fantastic paintings including the ‘Show Some Respect’ slogan and Year 5 created amazing ‘respect’ posters using oil pastels. In Year 6, they used a medium of their choice to create artwork that expressed themselves. This artwork was all displayed in our ‘Tuckswood’s Art Gallery’ in which all children took part in a Pride quiz!

We are extremely proud of the respect our children have shown during this week and the amazing artwork they created

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