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Curriculum Day

SCIENCE WEEK: Innovating the Future and Earth Week

In April 2021 we held our exciting and purposeful Science Week.

Our main question for the whole school was:


Each class was given a question that would allow the opportunity to create a project and make a difference at Tuckswood.

N - What is a scientist?
R - How can we encourage more insects to set up home in Tuckswood?
Yr 1 - How can we reduce food waste at our school?
Yr 2 - How can we encourage more small mammals to nest in Tuckswood?
Yr 3 - How can we encourage more birds to nest in Tuckswood?
Yr 4 - How can we make our school grounds more wildlife friendly?
Yr 5 - How can we reduce our school's energy consumption?
Yr 6 - How can we produce food more sustainably?

The focus of our learning was to develop their scientific skills and knowledge of our local environment, through experiments, collecting data, analysis, questioning, investigating, exploring and discovering.

The school was a buzz of excitement during the afternoons and the wildlife area was full of children throughout the day. The week was a success as each class started a project and will continue to revisit this until the end of term.

The Projects:

Reception made bug schools to encourage more minibeasts to our wildlife area. Their next step is to create mini flower gardens to encourage bees and butterflies to Tuckswood.
Year 1 are working with the kitchen to reduce the food waste and the amount of plastics used within the school lunches.
Year 2 tested materials to find the most appropriate one to create a hedgehog house.
Year 3 created bird feeders to encourage more birds to visit and nest at Tuckswood.
Year 4 created a wildflower garden at the front of the school to encourage more minibeasts.
Year 5 became energy busters and informed the rest of the school with a video and posters to turn our lights and computers off when we are not using them. They saved 10% consumption that week.
Year 6 explored the world finding out where our food comes from. Their aim is to create a vegetable patch in our wildlife area for the whole school to look after.

Pupil Voice:

“I loved finding the minibeasts”
“Minibeasts are bugs, we found lots in our garden area”
“We made bug schools, coz we want more to visit”

Year 1:
“We cannot help the whole world but we can make a difference at Tuckswood”
“I liked learning about food waste, we drew pictures of what we ate and what was wasted”

Year 2:
“I enjoyed learning about different animals and how we can get them to stay at Tuckswood”
“ I learnt that we should turn off the lights when we leave the room”
“We learnt how to test materials for hedgehog houses. It was really fun”

Year 3:
Mary said “I like Science week because we did lots of things and we had fun”
Lilly-Mai said “I liked that we helped more birds”
William said “I like that it had something to do with outdoors”


Pupil Reports:

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