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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

At Tuckswood Academy and Nursery we recognise that social, moral, social and cultural development is central to the education of our children and it therefore forms an integral part of the whole curriculum and ethos of the school.

The value we place on this is reflected in the provision of teaching, resources and learning environments and in the behaviours of individuals and their interactions with each other. 


SMSC development is taught through the curriculum and all aspects of school life. Assemblies are planned across the year to cover aspects of SMSC.

Our children are provided with opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding and to develop the skills they need to participate fully in the diverse community in which they live.

Social Development

We develop our children’s social skills in relation to others beginning with family and friends and extending to the wider community and beyond. Children are taught to respect each other and to appreciate each others’ similarities and differences. We develop a respect for the environments in which children live and an understanding of the world so that we can be successful in the future.

Moral Development

We teach the skills they need to develop an understanding of what is right and wrong. Children learn to make choices in their behaviour through developing their knowledge of boundaries and consequences.

Spiritual Development

Children develop a knowledge and understanding of their own and different beliefs, opinions and cultures. They explore their feelings and emotions and develop their sense of personality, individuality and uniqueness.

Cultural Development

We explore values, beliefs, customs, stories, food and artefacts to allow children to make comparisons and develop knowledge of other cultures.

SMSC in action at Tuckswood Academy and Nursery 


  • The children support different charities throughout the year and learn about them.

  • Children have the opportunity to play together at break and lunchtimes.

  • Children are supported through speech and language groups, social skills groups and games. 

  • Children develop a sense of community and belonging through being a part of a house team and working towards shared goals.

  • Children understand the importance of boundaries and consequences and use this to make positive behaviour choices.

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  • Reward systems within school allow children to celebrate a range of achievements in and out of school. 

  • Our RSHE curriculum teaches children the skills they need to deal with issues to do with rules, negotiating difficult situations, emotions, caring for one another, making and keeping friends and living in a community.

  • Within RE, children are given the opportunity to develop their own opinions and discuss the opinions of others (philosophy)

  • Our behaviour policy supports children to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Children are taught to be respectful of each other through our PSHE curriculum.



  • Children learn about different world religions in RE and ask questions that believers would ask (theology)

  • Through outdoor learning, children are encouraged to appreciate the awe and wonder of nature and the world. This is enhanced by visits such as to a planetarium. 

  • Children have the opportunity to visit a range of religious buildings to deepen their understanding.



  • We regularly celebrate religious festivals across the year.

  • Children are exposed to stories from other cultures and other cultures are discussed within the curriculum, for example, in History. 

  • Children are encouraged to share their own experiences and cultures with their peers through class discussions.

  • Children enjoy different cultural experiences throughout the year.

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