Vision & Values

Learning from yesterday

   Living for today

     Creating tomorrow

Tuckswood Academy and Nursery is a partnership of children, staff, parents, governors and trust members, working together.

Our school is a safe and secure place, where we teach every child how to learn in an atmosphere of creativity and enjoyment.

We welcome and celebrate diverse cultures and encourage good citizenship based on British values.

We aim to increase awareness and appreciation of our community and environment, enabling us to respond to our changing world.

Our expectation is that children will reach their full potential as we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Philosophy

Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. Our aim to grow a community of life-long learners who will care for each other, work hard to learn and discover new things everyday.  The physical, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural aspects of each child’s life are considered and respected. These are identified as the Prime Areas of Learning, underpinned by the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

The Early Foundation Stage Team at Tuckswood Academy and Nursery offers a breadth of curriculum choices to all children where they can make choices and become independent learners who will achieve more than they thought possible.

  • To provide a secure environment where all children have the right to feel safe and happy.

  • To provide a stimulating and engaging environment where learning is enjoyable and purposeful.

  • To provide a well-balanced curriculum for each child to develop socially, physically and intellectually.

  • To observe the children’s interests to implement our future planning.

  • To encourage all children to become independent learners.

  • To promote a child’s ‘well-being’; ensuring they always feel at ease, are spontaneous and free of emotional tensions.

  • To provide equal opportunities for all children to develop to their full potential and to encourage children to be respectful and appreciative of others.

  • To encourage the children to build positive relationships with their peers and adults.

  • To establish and maintain a partnership with parents to support the education of their children.

  • To ensure smooth transitions from home to Nursery, Nursery to Reception and from the Early Years Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1

Our Curriculum

Our Early Years Curriculum has been developed and designed to reflect the nature of our environment and community. It aims to teach the children how their environment compares to other places, cultures and nature in other parts of the world. We value the importance of trips and visitors from within and outside our community area.

At the heart of our curriculum are the Characteristics of Learning. These are embedded within our planning and activities and allow staff to reflect on the different aspects and rates each child learns. A child's individual learning characteristic will determine the way they respond to both teaching and learning that takes place in the environment.

The focus of the characteristics of learning is on how children learn rather than what they learn i.e. process over outcome. Underpinning these during their earliest years, children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime. Children who receive the right sort of support and encouragement during these years will be creative, and adventurous learners throughout their lives. Children who do not receive this sort of support and interaction are likely to have a much different attitude about learning later on in life. Hence, why the supportive practitioner, and the environment they provide, need to nurture these characteristics to occur, but without forgetting that children are individuals who bring their own needs, talents and histories to the learning environment.

Each topic is introduced and based around quality storybooks and non-fiction information books. We encourage teaching children that books and reading form the basis of all learning.

Our curriculum is progressive and we use the developmental guidance from Development Matters and the Birth to 5 documents. This ensures that all children leaving their Reception Year are ready to start the Key Stage 1 curriculum with our final assessment being the Early Learning Goals.