Our Vision and Aims

Learning from yesterday. Living for today. Creating tomorrow.



Our new school vision is…


Tuckswood: a school where children achieve,

A stimulating environment where they learn to believe,

In themselves, each other, their ambition and aspiration,

Placing value and pride in success and dedication.


Through positivity and encouragement, role models are created,

Manners and care, consistently demonstrated.

Education opens the door to all opportunities,

The strongest roots build the tallest trees.


Where challenge is welcomed and expectations set high,

Every voice is heard: both confident and shy.

Equality and respect in all that we do,

We share our vision from us to you!


Our Mission statement:

At Tuckswood Academy we aim to:

  • Raise aspirations to create a life-long love of learning within our pupils;

  • Raise and maintain high standards to ensure academic success;

  • Develop successful learners who can thrive in a challenging world;

  • Inspire our children to work hard and to become resilient to all challenges;

  • Provide a safe environment where our pupils have a voice and high self-esteem;

  • Develop collaboration, cooperation and teamwork within our children;

  • Develop independent, confident and unique individuals who are not afraid of risk-taking;

  • Provide an inspirational curriculum which encourages children to become curious about the world around them;

  • To celebrate differences and diversity; to provide a culture of mutual respect and acceptance and prepare children for life in Modern Britain.


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