Staff Recognition Scheme


Tuckswood Academy and Nursery School introduced a staff recognition scheme as a way of acknowledging and commending our staff who go above and beyond in their work.

We aim to make all of our staff feel valued and appreciated. It is always a pleasure when parents, carers, family members, governors or members of the public write in to individual staff or to the Headteacher to thank staff for their contribution or hard work with children. We value greatly our partnership with families and working together to achieve the best for our children.

The staff receive a letter from the Headteacher and they are celebrated with the whole school during our Celebration Assemblies on a Friday. The staff at Tuckswood really like being nominated because it makes them feel valued and appreciated. It is always a rewarding feeling to be recognised by others!
To nominate a member of staff, please complete the below form:

Staff recognition rewards are linked to some key values in relation to the types of achievement and/or behaviours we would wish to recognise and encourage. Staff may qualify for a recognition reward if one or more of the following criteria are met:

1) Being Inspiring

Inspiring others to be the best they can be, whilst themselves being forward thinking, enterprising and engaged in their day to day activities. Set and meet high standards, aspiring to achieve the best for themselves and the School.

2) Creativity

Embracing creativity by taking bold decisions that enable the school to develop. Challenging existing methods and processes; devising and implementing successful improvements and enhancements of these”

3) Leadership

Consistently engages, persuades and motivates staff/students, whilst generating originality for the betterment of their area and the school as a whole. Also creates a positive attitude and atmosphere, positively influencing others by their example and communicating effectively and in an engaging manner.

4) Professionalism

Provide an exceptionally high level of professional service to all those we work with, by having the highest standard of professional ethics. Consistent commitment to outstanding performance, enriching the student experience either directly or indirectly.

5) Responsiveness

Foster an open culture in which people are approachable, friendly and willing to share ideas; readily reacting to suggestions, influences or efforts. Also, being committed, engaged and innovative in the delivery of professional excellence to students and to own colleagues.

6) Extra Mile

Regularly goes above and beyond, putting the needs of others before themselves. Cooperates effectively in a team for the benefit of all. Demonstrates willingness to invest own time to ensure the best for the children of the Academy.